M&P Genuine Silk Face Masks

Color: Black
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Unlike traditional medical or cloth masks, silk lets your skin thrive without irritation. Be a picture of elegance even through these rough times by donning our stylish Silk Face Mask.

Why Choose Silk Face Mask?

Deluxe Comfort – Made with two layers of genuine silk for a soft and smooth feeling. Easily washable and reusable with organic, pollution-free materials.

Skin-Friendly – Prevent MASKNE and protect yourself from the outside world without stifling your skin. Benefit from silk’s hypoallergenic properties ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Perfect Fit – One size fits most. Breathe easily with a color-matched adjustable ear strap and nose wire for a snug and comfy fit. Size: 27cm x 9 cm

Keep yourself protected while doing it in style.

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