At Morena and Proud, we carry pieces as unique, beautiful, and special as those who wear it. Each piece embodies what’s meaningful to you.
We are the perfect link between Modern and Elegance.


Back in 2018, we were looking for something more! Something that could make an imprint on others. We took the $20 dollars we had made from selling soap on Etsy and invested it into something bigger. It was during this time of uncertainty, that I was drawn to the idea of creating jewelry that combined both modern and elegance into one piece. I found immense joy in crafting jewelry that others would love. What began as a "what if" turned into a company dedicated to delivering top quality elegant jewelry with a contemporary twist.
Morena and Proud has grown from a two-woman passion project into a team of artisans, designers, and customer service specialists; but quality is not lost on us, we still evaluate, polish, and clean by hand, and thoughtfully package each piece, all with the knowledge that we are creating something bigger. We are helping you express your true self via our jewelry.


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